Senior Marketing Manager

Full Time

Job Responsibilities

AAs a senior Marketing Manager at ChaosNative, you manage the functioning of the marketing team. You oversee the planning and execution of digital marketing campaigns, keep the website(s) up to date and work closely with the other stakeholders in the company to keep your team running smoothly.

    • Working with the executive team to plan and set the marketing strategy for the company.
    • Set the weekly and monthly goals for the junior marketing team and help them succeed in their work.
    • Researching and analyzing the cloud native space for new trends and aligning them in strategy and planning.
    • Tracking effectiveness of marketing campaigns and reporting findings to the executive team.
    • Management of newsletters.
    • Work closely with the content writers to polish the marketing messaging and deliver them into the right channels on time.
    • Planning and executing the remote conferences that the company should sponsor and/or participate.
    • Maintain and track the marketing/growth analytics of the company.
    • Keep the branding consistent across all mediums.


    • Good understanding of Chaos Engineering is a plus
    • Good understanding of cloud native space is a plus
    • 2+ years of experience in managing the junior marketing team
    • Strong presence in social media such as twitter or blog platforms.
    • Excellent written and presentation skills
    • A strong team spirit. Working with internal teams and LitmusChaos community is fundamental to be successful in this role
    • Extreme focus on meeting goals and KPIs

    Preferred Education

    • MBA with technology minor such as B.S or B.Tech.

    Preferred Experience Level

    • 5- 10+ years of experience as successful marketing marketer or marketing manager

    Additional Information

    • Market matching salary and benefits

    About ChaosNative

    Team ChaosNative originally created the open source project LitmusChaos to drive the innovations around Cloud Native Chaos Engineering. Litmus is now a CNCF project with a large community of users and contributors. With a significant enterprise adoption of Litmus, ChaosNative provides commercial support to it’s worldwide customer base. ChaosNative develops solutions and other services in the area of chaos engineering and cloud native reliability.

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