A powerful framework for network chaos experiments


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Andreas Krivas

Andreas Krivas

Engineering Manager,


Andreas is addicted to solving complex problems and dedicated to helping the world gain confidence in today's rapidly shifting technological landscape. After trying electrical, mechanical, and software engineering, he started as a Cloud Native Engineer, and now, from the position of Engineering Manager at Container Solutions, Andreas helps clients improve their business by creating tailor-made solutions that enable them to leverage the cloud.

About the talk

Some say that large microservices architectures have an impact on performance as there is higher network complexity. You take the blue pill, the story ends. You take the red pill, you stay in Chaos Wonderland and I show you how to uncover hidden issues via fine-grained network chaos. Follow me. In a microservices architecture, the services tend to become simpler but the overall system complexity is increasing. This could impact performance, security, stability and generally create more operational overhead. In this talk, we will dive into a solution that can execute declarative and fine-grained network chaos experiments which test the resilience of one or more microservices. We will show how we can use open-source tools in combination with core Linux utilities like Traffic Control to create a very powerful framework for Kubernetes that can affect both internal and external to the cluster workloads.

ChaosCarnival Day 2 Keynote
ChaosCarnival Day 2 Keynote
Renaldi Gondosubroto
Building on System Resilience with Chaos Engineering for Serverless Applications on AWS

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