Building on System Resilience with Chaos Engineering for Serverless Applications on AWS


About the speaker

Renaldi Gondosubroto

Renaldi Gondosubroto

Founder & Project Leader,

Gres Studio

Renaldi Gondosubroto is the Founder of GReS Studio and a Developer Advocate in the tech community. Through his passion for developing software and contributing to the open-source community, Renaldi wants to encourage the innovation of new solutions to usher forward and promote a new era of innovations that can be used by everyone. He has been a tech speaker in numerous events for the past four years and runs tech meetups and workshops to promote a better understanding of technical skills.

About the talk

With Work From Home being widespread due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Cloud Engineering has become more needed than ever due to the shift of applications to the cloud. This talk will discuss how teams plan for and execute chaos engineering to ensure resiliency and availability in serverless projects.

With Work From Home (WFH) becoming widespread as a working practice worldwide due to the Covid-19 pandemic, preparing for unexpected conditions has become more important than ever. More and more businesses have transitioned to seeking better resiliency and availability by transitioning towards and deploying serverless applications on cloud platforms such as AWS. This trend will most likely continue to grow, even after the end of the pandemic, as more start to have their on-premises equipment dependent on the cloud.

This talk will discuss how teams can plan for chaos engineering within serverless projects on AWS, and the necessary measures to put in place to improve the system in terms of availability and resiliency. This will include best practices in coding for chaos engineering on serverless applications, considerations to keep in mind when planning chaos engineering for a new serverless project, understanding how to apply chaos to different components of your serverless application infrastructure while fixing things as they break, how to work with error and latency injection on your serverless application and setting up a disaster recovery plan to apply chaos to and develop. Alongside this, I will also give a case study of one of my own projects as well to allow attendees to better visualize how these are all applied within a use case's context.

A powerful framework for network chaos experiments
A powerful framework for network chaos experiments
Vadim Tkachenko
Create Chaos in Databases

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