Building Reliability Pipelines with Chaos Workflows


About the speaker

Michael Knyazev

Michael Knyazev

DevOps Consultant,


Michael Knyazev, PhD. in DevOps Engineer, Customer & Location Services at Insurance Australia Group. Michael has helped design, build and operate world-class solutions like National Coronavirus Helpline (Big Data, Integration, AWS), Morningstar's Tick Data HA / DR Platform (Big Data, AWS), Beam Wallet (FinTech, AWS).

About the talk

This talk describes how Chaos Engineering techniques were used at Insurance Australia Group to ensure better systems reliability. It goes into architectural details of Reliability Pipeline, such as: the Kubernetes resources organization, Litmus components orchestration, leveraging Argo Workflows.

Chaos Engineering the Chaos Engineers
Chaos Engineering the Chaos Engineers
Oliver Kracht
Clear the ring for Chaos Engineering at Vertrieb Deutsche Bahn! One year sensations and attractions!

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