Chaos Engineering in Telco Cloudnative Infra


About the speakers

Vaibhav Chopra

Vaibhav Chopra

Engineering Manager,


Vaibhav Chopra has extensive experience in Telecom, DevOps, and NFV. Currently, He has over 10 years of experience working with companies like Ericsson, Amdocs, and Netcracker, and currently, works as an Engineering Manager at Orange. Vaibhav is an Open-source enthusiast and passionate about the latest technologies. He has been a contributor to the LFN ONAP community and has also participated as a trainer, speaker in several conferences.

Samar Sidharth

Samar Sidharth

Lead Software Engineer,


Samar Sidharth is a Technical Lead at Orange and has previously worked with Ericsson and Amdocs. He has a vast experience in Telecom, NFV and Cloud domain. He has a keen interest in the cloud-native opensource project and also likes to contribute to them. He is working on cloud-native security, resiliency and benchmarking projects.

About the talk

The telco use case that we are covering with chaos testing is for Orange IAAS which is based on Openstack cloud and control plane is hosted on kubernetes along with a lot of third party service integration(Vault, traefik, consul, monitoring etc) so there is a lot of interdependency among these services and in order to validate the impact of one service on the other we are exploring litmus to validate it.

Create Chaos in Databases
Create Chaos in Databases
Gunnar Grosch
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