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Sumit Nagal

Sumit Nagal

Principal Engineer,


Sumit Nagal is a Principal Engineer at Intuit; he is a maintainer and contributor to many open-source projects. He is an engineer on the "Productivity Group" as part of the "Core Services" group in Intuit. He is focusing on Intuit Kubernetes Platform reliability for Intuit. In his 15 years at Intuit, he worked on most of Intuit's products. He has played various roles, including Architect and Developer, and leading numerous successful initiatives and innovations to fruition.

About the talk

Gone are the days when we lived on the stone edge; we have gone through the most significant evolution in humans. A similar shift is happening in chaos Engineering, wherein in the past, minimal visibility with a limited tool like chaos-monkey, Symbian army, we were building finite solutions. Today we have Chaos tool-kit, litmus-chaos, Chaos Mesh type of open source & Gremlin, ChaosIQ like a commercial solution for more extensive adoption. Thanks to massive growth in infrastructure, which made reliability as necessary attributed to the Application System Design. Today, many companies participate in GAME Day, and Chaos is a company-wide initiative. On Chaos Many Open source and commercial solutions available on various platforms.CNCF has a couple of Chaos engineering solutions on sandbox projects, which brings awareness to Chaos. Now, Application resiliency and service Stability has broadened to Technology, Platform, and Cloud. It is an evolution from Netflix chaos-monkey to AWS FIS, creating a real buzz on cloud providers. Now, chaos engineering becomes a first-class citizen on CNCF radar. Chaos' conference and awareness on social media is another dimension where chaos Carnival is part of that evolution.

Event-Driven Chaos Injection
Event-Driven Chaos Injection
Chinmay Gaikwad
Achieving Reliability in a Microservices-Based Environment using Observability

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