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Robert Barron

Robert Barron

AIOps, Technology Assets & Architecture,


Robert is an SRE, AIOps and ChatOps evangelist who enjoys helping others solve problems even more than he enjoys solving them himself. With over 20 years of experience in IT development & operations (13+ of them with IBM), he is happiest when learning something new. Robert has spoken at global conferences such as IBM Think, SRECon & others. He publishes at and his social media handle is @flyingbarron. Robert lives in Israel with his wonderful wife and two children.

About the talk

IBM has spent over a century improving the reliability of systems ranging from the largest of mainframes to the smallest of microservices. As part of cultural and organisational improvements we've codified a list of principles which define our view of Chaos Engineering.

IBM's Principles of Chaos Engineering do not replace existing principles, but adapt them and match them to the requirements we have from our clients and from our own internal services. In this session we will describe a little of the process of getting engineers from across to agree on these principles (herding cats is child's play in comparison) and present the principles and lessons which we agreed upon.

Most Chaos Engineering examples come from either born-on-the-cloud examples or companies which are significantly smaller than IBM. In this session attendees will learn about adopting Chaos Engineering in a highly complex environment - both from a technical and a cultural perspective. We believe that the principles we present will be relevant to all types of environments and organisations of all sizes.

We will also touch on IBM's Chaos Engineering method that allowed internal IBM SREs to successfully build and maintain reliable mission critical services and showcase the benefits of a well formed and measurable Chaos Engineering program for digital transformation engagements.

Event-Driven Chaos Injection
Event-Driven Chaos Injection
Aravind Putrevu
Stand up for Chaos!

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Principles of Cloud Native Chaos Engineering

May 06, 2021   |   10 MIN READ