In the kitchen: A sprinkle of fire and chaos


About the speaker

Ana Medina

Ana Medina

Senior Chaos Engineer,


Ana is a Chaos Engineer at Gremlin in San Francisco, CA. She started her coding career as a middle schooler doing freelance work, went on to land paid engineering internships throughout high school and college, and eventually dropped out to work full-time in Silicon Valley. Prior to Gremlin, she last worked at Uber where she was an engineer on the SRE and Infrastructure teams specifically focusing on chaos engineering and cloud computing.

About the talk

Learn by fire! Chaos and Learning!

How do you ensure your food tastes good? Or maybe you don't and everyone hates your cooking. How do you learn to avoid burning or cutting yourself while cooking? Is the kitchen on fire or is the smoke alarm just complaining that it needs a new battery?

What does all of this have to do with the cloud? Chaos and Learning! She will talk about her favorite ingredient for shipping resilient cloud-native applications.

Stand up for Chaos!
Stand up for Chaos!
Delphine Joyneer
Chaos on VMWare Infrastructure using Litmus

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