Introduction to OWASP


About the speaker

Gunnard Engebreth

Gunnard Engebreth


Gunnard Engebreth is a seasoned developer and admin. Starting back in the dot com boom, he has grown with the internet from installing slakware on floppy disks to modern day docker + cloud configurations.

About the talk

Keeping up to date on current security threats is a full-time job. As a developer, you already have one. OWASP is a community-based team of security experts that can influence the way you code future projects, analyse your current code, and grow as a developer.

This workshop will introduce, walk-through and leave you prepared to engage with the internet's best defense against hacking! I will familiarize you with OWASP and where they came from, what they do and where they are going. We will step through some challenges in the Juice Shop demo they have, familiarizing everyone with the project. I will also show off some other work by OWASP that is leading the way in defense against hackers.

The Psychology of Chaos Engineering
The Psychology of Chaos Engineering
Jason Yee
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