Workshop #1

Cloud Native Chaos EngineeringWorkshop

Chaos Engineering is fundamental in achieving resiliency & reliability in today’s complex systems & infrastructures.

On March 24, 2022

11:30 AM EDT • 5:30 PM CEST • 9:00 PM IST

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This is your chance to interact with the experts and dive deep into the world of Chaos Engineering.

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About the Workshop

Chaos Engineering involves breaking things in a controlled way to secure them eventually and prevent various possible outages.

But before getting started with Chaos Engineering, one needs to have a plan in place with proper understanding.

ChaosNative brings to you a hands-on experience with a workshop on Cloud-Native Chaos Engineering which introduces you to the basics & fundamentals of Chaos engineering. A sneak-peek at the latest evolution in the Cloud-Native Chaos Engineering world with LitmusChaos 2.0 and a demonstration of running Chaos experiments in just a few steps!


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