ChaosNative Litmus Cloud

Schedule your Chaos experiments in a few minutes

Hosted LitmusChaos with ready to use Chaos experiments for your resiliency needs. Get access to your Chaos control plane and start your Chaos experiments seamlessly.

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Benefits of ChaosNative Litmus Cloud

With the hosted LitmusChaos, the most immediate benefit is that you have the chaos control plane ready as soon as you sign up for our SaaS platform. The platform offers all the tools and chaos experiments required to chaos test your code, application or a service.

  • Start your Chaos experiments in minutes
  • Bring down your MTTI
  • Do quick GameDays
  • K8s Conformance tests
  • Chaos tests for your quality engineering
  • Introduce Chaos in your CI pipelines
  • Visibility into your team’s Chaos engineering efforts
  • Periodic reports of Chaos workflows
  • Take control of reliability in your business

Signup to get your workspace or project on the Litmus Cloud

Use litmusctl to connect your Kubernetes namespace or Kubernetes cluster to your workspace on litmus cloud

Use litmusctl to connect your Kubernetes namespace to litmus cloud

Pick a template or create your own chaos scenario using the readily available chaos experiments
Schedule the Litmus workflow and see the chaos in action on your targeted application or platform

Create a Litmus workflow and run it

You can see the live action of the chaos as workflow runs. The workflow browser give you the status of the experiments, results and logs and much more.
Workflow analytics show you if your resiliency efforts are yielding results incrementally as you planned or not. You can use this information for making decisions on whether to ship the software or not.

Browse the results of your Litmus workflow

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