ChaosNative Litmus Enterprise

Bring service reliability through Chaos Engineering

Host LitmusChaos with ready to use chaos experiments for your resiliency needs. Install it on your own infrastructure today and run your chaos experiments seamlessly.

Benefits of ChaosNative Litmus Enterprise

  • Start your Chaos experiments in minutes
  • Bring down your MTTI
  • Do quick GameDays
  • K8s Conformance tests
  • Chaos tests for your quality engineering
  • Introduce Chaos in your CI pipelines
  • Visibility into your team’s Chaos engineering efforts
  • Periodic reports of Chaos workflows
  • Take control of reliability in your business

The trial version is fully featured

With the 30 day free trial plan, you can enjoy all the benefits of ChaosNative Litmus Enterprise. Register to get the download instructions and a fully featured 30 day license. You also get a free support on Slack during this evaluation. Chaos Engineering is made easy with ChaosNative Litmus Enterprise, why not see it for yourself?