Amazingly simple, super flexible, highly scalable and open source. LitmusChaos has ready to use Chaos workflows in its ChaosHub. Litmus takes cloud native approach to bring reliability and Chaos observability.

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Benefits of LitmusChaos

Chaos Engineering is fundamental to increasing the resilience of today’s cloud native, highly dynamic applications and infrastructure. Kubernetes developers and SREs use Litmus to create, manage and monitor Chaos workflows by extending Kubernetes itself.

Benefits of Litmus

Resilience in CI pipelines

Extend your existing CI pipelines with easy to implement Chaos stages. Most of the needed tests for your platform and applications are readily available.

Benefits of Litmus

Multicloud & Hybrid Reliability

Centralized portal for sharing and monitoring resilience analytics across your multi-cloud deployments. Use Litmus in hybrid and cloud environments the same way.

Benefits of Litmus

Teams not individuals

Your SREs teams can collaborate Chaos workflows in their regular cloud native way. With Kubernetes services accounts and policies, collaboration becomes easy and simple.

Benefits of Litmus

SLO based resilience for CD

Add SLO based Chaos workflows to determine if you need to trigger CD. Use LitmusChaos Workflows to determine if the new change has to be reverted.

Cloud Native Chaos Engineering

Cloud native requires a cloud native approach to resilience. We defined a set of principles and guidelines to carry out Chaos engineering processes in cloud native environments and then built Litmus accordingly. Learn the architectural and design principals on which Litmus is built upon. 

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Benefits of LitmusBenefits of Litmus

Get resilience as a managed service for your cloud native multicloud deployments

We have global reach through our GSI partners. Through our partners, we provide Chaos engineering and progressive resilience as a managed service. We analyze, discover, plan and execute your resilience needs.

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