Transforming a simple Chaos use Case


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Sumit Nagal

Sumit Nagal

Principal Engineer,


Sumit Nagal is a Principal Engineer at Salesforce; In his 20+ years in the industry. He has played various roles, including Engineer to Architect, and has led numerous successful initiatives and innovations to fruition as an engineering Leader. He spoke at multiple conferences and talked about micro-services, Productivity, Deployment, Reliability, Scale, Performance, Chaos, and Root cause analysis. Maintainer of a CNCF project and contributes to many open-source projects. He focused on Kubernetes Platform reliability, scalability, and Stability. In addition, he worked on customer-facing products and contributed towards micros services and engineering productivity.

About the talk

In today`s transformation world, when changes are happening rapidly, we have to think about how to be relevant for Chaos. There used to be an era when we deleted an instance and could achieve Chaos. Given so much focus on cloud (AWS, Azure, GKC ..) and cloud-native ( Kubernetes ..), how can we expand our use cases for a simple scenario and make it a more exclusive design for our services? We will detail the use cases for application, cloud, infrastructure, and all the bells and vessels for its stability running in Kubernetes. We will share our microservice resiliency/availability approach to handle various chaos use cases beyond deleting the instance. How to find them, execute them and find a holistic approach for leveraging open source tools like LitmusChaos and its chaos use cases.

Configuring Kubernetes for Reliability with LitmusChaos
Configuring Kubernetes for Reliability with LitmusChaos


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