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|  Litmus Community
7 min read

Defining Chaos Engineering & Its Principles

Prithvi Raj
Prithvi Raj
Community Manager ChaosNative

Chaos Engineering is a driving force in achieving resiliency goals for various enterprises. This blog helps define what Chaos Engineering exactly is and how its principles help define an ideal infrastructure to perform Chaos testing and achieve the resiliency goals.

|  Litmus Community
10 min read

Principles of Cloud Native Chaos Engineering

Karthik S
Karthik S
Co-Founder & Open Source Lead ChaosNative

Built on principles that reconcile the original chaos engineering ethos with the cloud-native way of doing things, it has been well received by the community and is poised to see more adoption. In this blog we trace its evolution and explore its tenets.

|  Litmus Community
6 min read

Cloud Native Reliability

Uma Mukkara
Uma Mukkara
CEO, ChaosNative

Chaos Engineering has taken an important place in the path to achieving reliability in the cloud native space. In this blog, Uma Mukkara, CEO of ChaosNative talks about the humble beginnings of LitmusChaos projects and the genesis of ChaosNative Inc.

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