Nov 9, 2021

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Announcing 2nd Edition of Chaos Carnival

Prithvi Raj



Community Manager at ChaosNative
ChaosNative announces the 2nd Edition of Chaos Carnival

After a successful inaugural edition of one of the biggest & most exciting conferences in the Chaos Engineering ecosystem, Chaos Carnival returns for a second edition which will offer an up-close look at exciting developments and provide attendees with valuable insights into the Chaos Engineering ecosystem!

We are glad to announce Chaos Carnival 2022, a  2-day conference taking place virtually on the 27th & 28th of Jan 2022, and we hope to bring together CTOs, Infrastructure engineers, SREs, DevOps engineers, developers, vendors, end-users, industry experts, and analysts to share their experiences.  Based on much demand, we are expanding the conference to include panel discussions and more workshops.

Recap of Chaos Carnival 2021:

The inaugural edition of Chaos Carnival in 2021 saw an amazing community response with around 1000+ registrations and 500+ unique attendees from the world bringing valuable questions, attendee interaction, and feedback to the table. A stacked all-star speaker lineup consisting of 30+ stalwarts from the chaos community including the keynotes by Adrian Cockroft (VP Cloud Architecture Strategy, AWS) and Uma Mukkara (Co-Founder & CEO, ChaosNative) and insightful talks from folks like Olga Hall, Gunnar Grosch, Yury Nino, Ana Medina, Shelby Spees, Ramiro Berellezza and many more stole the show for the 2-day conference!

Leading the community efforts for the LitmusChaos project, it was overwhelming to see around 8+ talks surrounding LitmusChaos, enlightening the community on the growth of Litmus and various use cases surrounding the usage of Litmus. Proving how important Cloud-Native Chaos Engineering and its adoption is for achieving resiliency.

Not just this, the conference was also garnered by 2 amazing workshops around "Chaos for Kafka on AWS" & "Chaos for Percona on AKS" on Day 1 & Day 2 respectively.

I take this opportunity to thank all the speakers, attendees, sponsors, and most importantly the organizers from the last edition for making this inaugural event a success and giving Chaos Carnival a reason to return. To give a platform to Chaos Engineering once again!

For more information, contact:

Prithvi Raj
(Co-Organizer, Chaos Carnival)


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