Aug 15, 2021

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Litmus 2.0

Another big milestone in our journey towards cloud native reliability

Uma Mukkara



CEO, ChaosNative
Another big milestone in our journey towards cloud native reliability

The LitmusChaos maintainers announced the general availability of their major release, Litmus 2.0, today. The team has been working along with the Litmus community for the past 6 months to beta test the new features of this release. Many thanks to the enthusiastic response received from the community to beta test some features. If I look back at the early days of the project and recollect what our laid out vision for the future is, this release is a major milestone in many ways.

1.0 - Easy start for cloud native chaos

Three years ago Chaos Engineering was starting to become a good choice for SREs and DevOps. Many first timers take the route of introducing chaos as a method to achieve reliability. LitmusChaos 1.0 made chaos easy for those who want to take the open source approach with a hub, operator, scheduler, SDK and the Litmus platform itself as a cloud native app.

2.0 - Platform for scale and collaboration

Since 1.0, it was clear to us that there will be loads of users for Chaos Engineering and that the platform has to meet the expectations of scale and collaboration. It was all about taking into consideration what will the users do after they are done with the initial chaos experimentation? They want to construct a real chaos scenario, they want to programmatically define the logic of success or failure of the chaos test, they want to involve other team members in this process and they want to automate the chaos test process into their scaled systems. These thoughts laid the foundation for the 2.0 milestone a year ago and we are here with 2.0 release with all these capabilities included.

There are lots of places where you can find the capabilities of the latest release. Of course, the most updated one is

Here is a list of resources to know more about LitmusChaos 2.0 :

Learning resources

The next steps:

We are super excited about this release. It is beta tested in the field. We are looking forward to the larger community using it and starting the feedback loop on the new capabilities of Litmus. In addition, the continued focus on adding more experiments to the ChaosHub will be good for the project and the community. Application-specific chaos scenarios will be easy to write with Litmus probes and there is potential to turn in hundreds of such experiments in the near future.

Get started with LitmusChaos and share your feedback on K8s slack.


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