Chaos Engineering for
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Your business digital services are expected to offer highest reliability and they require digital immunity against software and infrastructure faults. Introduce chaos culture easily into your DevOps with ChaosNative Litmus and take control of your business service reliability.

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Chaos Engineering with Litmus is practiced by top-tier companies


ChaosNative LitmusWith LitmusChaos at the core

ChaosNative Litmus offers a hardened LitmusChaos chaos engineering platform for Enterprises. Apart from the enterprise support, the product offers chaos experiments for virtual environments, baremetal and popular cloud infrastructure and services. ChaosNative Litmus integrates well into your DevOps tooling.


ChaosNative LitmusCloud

Chaos as a service. Instantly provision your LitmusChaos control plane and start your chaos experiments seamlessly.

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ChaosNative Cloud

ChaosNative LitmusEnterprise

Self managed. On-Premise. Securely deploy the enterprise edition in your air gapped environments and let your teams collaborate on chaos.

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ChaosNative Enterprise


Why ChaosNative Litmus?

As creators of LitmusChaos, we can provide best enterprise support for your Litmus based chaos engineering implementations. ChaosNative Litmus is hardened for high availability and security. It integrates into your enterprise tools around CI/CD and observability or APM platforms.

LitmusChaos at Core

ChaosNative Litmus is built with LitmusChaos at core. All the power of open source Litmus is carried as is into the open core ChaosNative Litmus. The chaos workflows, GitOps integration, Chaos Center APIs and chaos SDK work the same on ChaosNative Litmus.

LitmusChaos at Core

Chaos experiments for VMWare, cloud and baremetal

The control plane of ChaosNative Litmus runs on Kubernetes. The range of chaos experiments for non-Kubernetes is very wide. ChaosNative Litmus offers chaos experiments for VMware, AWS, Azure, GCP, baremetal and more.

Chaos experiments for VMWare, cloud and baremetal

Chaos experiments for cloud native

Chaos experiments for all Kubernetes resources are readily available. ChaosNative Litmus provides the best industry coverage of chaos experiments for cloud native ecosystem. With 20+ Kubernetes chaos experiments and conformance test support, you are well covered for validating your Kubernetes resilience.

Chaos experiments for cloud native

Chaos integration into your CI/CD

Chaos Engineering support is extended to your favorite CI/CD tools. ChaosNative Litmus offers support for Jenkins, GitHub actions, GitLab, Spinnaker and more. While chaos experiments run in your CI/CD environment, the chaos analytics are available in the chaos center for easy analysis.

Chaos integration into your CI/CD

Chaos Scenarios

Chaos Engineering for VMware environments

Learn how you can design and execute chaos experiments for VMware based virtual environments with ChaosNative Litmus. Continuous chaos testing of VM resources helps in validating the SLOs from time to time and makes your customers happy.

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Chaos Engineering for VMware environments

Improving resilience around Cloud Native Kafka

Your middle ware infrastructure such as Kafka needs to be highly resilient. But faults do occur in the infrastructure. Learn how you can continuously validate the resilience of your business services that are built on top of Kafka.

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Improving resilience around Cloud Native Kafka

Built on open source end-to-end Chaos Engineering framework : LitmusChaos

LitmusChaos is hosted at CNCF as an incubating project. LitmusChaos is designed and architected with the goal of satisfying the principles of Cloud Native Chaos Engineering. Litmus enjoys a wide community of users and contributors.


“Litmus was our top choice when it came to developing our cloud native chaos scenarios: it’s extensive list of experiments, open source nature, and friendly community gave us all the ingredients we needed to successfully complete our goals.”

Jordi GilSenior Software Engineer at Red Hat
Jordi Gil