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With Cloud Native Chaos Engineering

From the creators of Litmus Litmus

Improve confidence in your services and gain your customer’s trust using ChaosNative’s Chaos Engineering platform. Our solutions are 100% open source, secure, highly scalable and amazingly simple to use.


A reliable approach to reliability


Modern IT requires an end-to-end approach to tackle the reliability issue. ChaosNative provides technology, support and services to make you successful in your efforts of achieving cloud native reliability.

Open Source with Enterprise support

LitmusChaos is built and nurtured in open source to provide rugged platform and chaos workflows. We provide 24x7 commercial support for Litmus.

End to end solutions for reliability

Chaos Engineering is a journey. We are solution oriented. We help design and deliver the chaos workflows that are secure, scalable and maintainable.

Chaos for Kubernetes and Hybrid

Hybrid environments are here to stay. The cloud native Litmus applications can launch chaos workflows targeted at Kubernetes, baremetal, virtual and other cloud resources.

LitmusChaos is a CNCF Project

Cloud native platforms and applications require cloud native tools to take care of the resilience needs. LitmusChaos is designed and architected with the goals of satisfying the principles of Cloud Native Chaos Engineering.

Get commercial support for LitmusChaos

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Learn best practices in creating and running chaos experiments from the creators of Litmus.


We organize a free monthly workshop on Cloud Native Chaos Engineering. The next one starts in ↴


October 21, 2021

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