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Chaos Engineering

Digital transformation and cloud native transformation are now mainstream and require digital immunity for your critical business services to guarantee highest reliability. Take control of the reliability of your services with Chaos Engineering at the heart of your DevOps.



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LitmusChaos is a CNCF Project

Cloud native platforms and applications require cloud native tools to take care of the resilience needs. LitmusChaos is designed and architected with the goals of satisfying the principles of Cloud Native Chaos Engineering.

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Get feedback and guidance with your projects by experts, or attend webinars and workshops to learn more about Chaos Engineering.


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Our Monthly Workshops

We organize a free monthly workshop on Cloud Native Chaos Engineering. You can learn about the best practices for creating and running Chaos experiments from the creators of Litmus.

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A global two-day virtual conference for Cloud Native Chaos Engineering to bring together professionals, developers, vendors, end-users, industry experts, and analysts.


Chaos Carnival 2022 Announced, Registrations are open

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Events & Announcements

Chaos Carnival 2022 is happening!

Second edition of Chaos Carnival, hosted by ChaosNative, is going to be held on Jan 27th & 28th, 2022. Register now the the event.

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New Release: Litmus 2.3.0

Litmus maintainers have announced the GA of their upgraded project version. More capabilities, field tested and yet easy to use.

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Chaos Engineering Meetup November 2021

Join us to witness and know more about the latest updates in LitmusChaos to redefine the Chaos Engineering ecosystem.

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