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Cloud Native SREs

Cloud Native SREs

Cloud Native Ops is fast evolving. Chaos Engineering is in the middle of it. SREs get most part of the Chaos platform and experiments readily available and it is easy to start on Chaos Engineering. SREs on our community learn and share the best practices about using Chaos experiments and Litmus workflows.

Cloud Native Quality Engineers

Cloud Native Quality Engineers

Quality Engineering can now use Chaos testing as a part of overall quality strategy. Cloud Native reliability or quality is an equal challenge to the QA teams to that of the SRE teams. Our community here helps QA engineers learn about using Litmus workflows in their acceptance tests and long running CI pipelines.

Cloud Native Developers

Cloud Native Developers

Are you a cloud native developer wishing to test your code for resilience around all possible failures of the dependent components and various platforms that it potentially runs on? This community of cloud native developers discuss and clarify the best practices in using Litmus workflows to Chaos test their code.

Cloud Native

Chaos Engineering


Learn best practices in creating and running Chaos experiments from the creators of Litmus.


We organize a free monthly workshop on Cloud Native Chaos Engineering. The next one starts in ↴


February 17, 2021

11:30 AM EDT • 5:30 PM CEST • 9:00 PM IST