LitmusChaos at

Kubecon EU ‘21

KubeCon EU updates to Litmus community and overview of Litmus 2.0


Litmus 2.0 features

LitmusChaos maintainers briefly discussed the progress made with the project and provided details about the features of Litmus 2.0 release. With GitOps, Centralized Chaos Control Plane, Chaos Workflows and Chaos Analytics, the new release has a lot to offer for the hybrid cloud reliability.

Chaos Engineering in the trending category

CNCF TAG-App-Delivery team discussed the updates and trends in the application delivery space of cloud native. One of them is the emergence of Chaos Engineering. Chaos Engineering for cloud native is becoming increasingly a common need and Litmus seeing a lot of usage.

Love from the Litmus Community

It's awesome to have @LitmusChaos now on our marketplace. It's great software and such an amazing team behind it too!


Matheus Fidelis


#chaos @LitmusChaos was a big surprise for me in #kubeconEU. They have an excellent solution for controlled and scheduled Chaos validation in production environments for many services running on K8s. Great solution for Disaster Recovery and self healing tests


Uma Mukkara


Yup.. though we started with Ansible & Python - we quickly added the GO support @LitmusChaos experiments because of the demand from developers..


Sebastian Webber