Chaos Engineering 2022


About the speaker

Saiyam Pathak

Saiyam Pathak

Director of Technical Evangelism,


Saiyam is working as Director of Technical Evangelism at Civo with a focus on defining the Civo cloud platform for simplifying Kubernetes and making it accessible for developers. Previously at Walmart Labs, Oracle, and hp, Saiyam has worked on many facets of k8s including machine learning platform, scaling, multi-cloud, managed k8s services, and k8s documentation. He’s worked on implementing Rancher and Kubernetes in different organizations. When not coding, Saiyam works on contributing to the community by writing blogs and organizing local meetups for k8s, CNCF. He is also an Portainer+Traefik+CNCF ambassador, and can be reached on twitter @saiyampathak.

About the talk

In this talk speaker will highlight the impact of chaos engineering in cloud native ecosystem and various tooling around it. Chaos engineering tools have matured overtime and are also moving towards a standardisation by collaborating on whitepaper so that the tools move in the right direction. Speaker will discuss two famous tools on the cloud native landscape - Litmus and Chaos mesh. They will also tell about on how these two have evolved overtime to tackle various chaos challenges.

Chaos Engineering of Ethereum Blockchain Clients
Chaos Engineering of Ethereum Blockchain Clients
The Importance of Being Empathetic
The Importance of Being Empathetic

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