Chaos Engineering in multi-tenant and hybrid environments


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Karthik Satchitanand

Karthik Satchitanand



Karthik is the co-author & chief architect of the popular CNCF Chaos Engineering project LitmusChaos. As a speaker at multiple tech conferences including KubeCon, Gitlab Commit, OSConf, ChaosCarnival, he is a known advocate of the Cloud Native Chaos Engineering paradigm. He is a co-founder at ChaosNative, a company focused on offering resilience tooling and solutions for enterprises. In the recent past, Karthik led the resilience engineering team at MayaData & helped maintain OpenEBS, a CNCF container Attached Storage project. Prior to that, he has also led certification of several high-performance storage platforms based on CloudByte Elastistor & NetApp E-Series RAID controllers. He often blogs about his tech interests & and participates in various CNCF meetups during his free time. Karthik lives with his family in Bangalore, India.

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Removing Engineering Bias in Chaos
Removing Engineering Bias in Chaos
Pragmatic tips for incident response
Pragmatic tips for incident response


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