Team Resilience Score: a mechanism to encourage teams’ preparedness to avoid failures


About the speaker

Sudeepa Prakash

Sudeepa Prakash

Senior Product Manager,


Sudeepa Prakash (She/her) is a Sr Technical Product Manager in the Resilience Engineering team at Prime Video. Sudeepa is a passionate advocate of adopting DevOps streategies to improve development velocity. Developer productivity has been an integral part of her product management and product marketing career. As a firm believer in building for value, all the products she helped create and launch have been centered around value for customers. She is currently focused on enabling Prime Video teams improve their development velocity, by leading multiple efforts o build tools that automate and measure key DevOps mechanisms. Prior to Prime Video, she created the Amazon Builders’ Library which is a collection of living articles describing how Amazon architects, releases, and operates the software underpinning and AWS.

About the talk

Availability is one of the key attributes of a reliable software systems. In order for systems to be highly available, they need to be resilient. At Prime Video, the definition of resilience is ‘preparedness to avoid failures, the ability to operate when failures occur, and learning from failures’. In this talk, we will focus on preparedness aspect, where you will learn about how we arrived at a “Team Resilience Score” to measure mechanisms that are targetted at avoiding failures. You will get insights on the mechanisms chosen, the weights assigned to calculate the score, and how teams and leaders use this score. You will also get a peak into a visualization of this score, and learn about the thinking behind the chosen visuals.

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