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Nik Jain

Nik Jain

Director of Solution Engineering,


Nik Jain is Director of Solution Engineering for Dynatrace ANZ and currently heads up a team of Sr Solution Consultant in the region. Nik is more than a decade of BizOps and DevOps consulting experience for leading global software vendors in AIOps and DevOps category. In addition, Nik has featured as speaker at world-leading conferences like Reinvent, Kubecon, DevOpsDaysTalk, Perform and more.

About the talk

It is more and more evident that DevOps and SRE (Modern Ops Teams) have inadvertently conflicting goals. This unintended tussle results in costly downtimes and degraded user experience that causes erosion in customer confidence and revenue leakages. By enabling automated quality gates (SLO-based) or gate-keeping mechanisms that automatically assess the quality of software features/releases. This early intervention provides developers with prescriptive feedback surrounding improvements and optimisation by skipping unnecessary and expensive production war rooms. On the flip side, it helps enable a scientific scoring system that can automatically promote releases to production based on SLO-driven engineering or automatically roll back to developers. The fun doesn’t stop here, you can also consider incorporation of security gates in DevOps processes to enable DevSecOps that help detect Log4j vulnerability like situations in continuous and automated fashion with an all-encompassing full stack agent. This helps shift left from a reactive SecOps-only approach to early risk detection, mitigation and management. The idea here isn’t to promote Dynatrace platform, but to showcase good practices surrounding DevSecOps and Chaos Engineering Last but not least, add Chaos Engineering to the mix for added business resilience and to help SREs develop muscle memory that help remediate issues faster and prepare better for preempted and unexpected production issues (known and unknown unknowns) This talk aims to benefit developers, release train engineers, engineering management (VPs/CTO/Mgrs), SRE, Testers, Chaos engineers and more.

Reducing Trauma in Production with SLOs and Chaos Engineering
Reducing Trauma in Production with SLOs and Chaos Engineering
Observing Chaos: Is it possible?
Observing Chaos: Is it possible?


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